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Four Corners Seasonal Baha’i School

Location: Native American Baha'i Institute

Theme: Hope and the Community

The goal of this year's program is to assist groups of families that get together to consult about their hopes for their community and to discuss how their families can collaborate and support each other in the process of improving their life and achieving their hopes both spiritually and materially.  

As with the previous year, this year's summer school program will focus on the stories of ‘Abdu'l-Baha. Children, junior youth, youth, and adults participate in age based classes each morning.  In the afternoon, inter-generational activities will be held to deepen learning and inspire actions to be taken back to home communities and to widen social life of friendships together with the community of interest.  Evening activities, such as arts for deepening friendships, healthy recreation, storytelling, music, and reflection play an important role in creating a vibrant community life.

More information about the school is coming very soon.